NOTE: This is an estimation based on general project guidelines. Things that may increase or decrease the cost include but are not limited to: access to the project, access to water, difficulty or degree of cleaning required. If, while on-site, it's determined that the estimate pricing would increase the project will not be started without homeowner approval.

FOR ESTIMATING DECKS: If a tape measure isn't handy, each horizontal deck board is typically 6 inches wide. You can determine the dimensions, usually the width of the deck, by multiplying the number of deck boards by 6. You can then divide that by 12 to find the feet.


For example, 20 deck boards x 6 = 120. 120/12 = 10 feet wide. 

For the length, each deck post (supporting the deck underneath) is usually 8 feet apart. If you have 3 deck support posts, subtract 1 from that number and multiply by 8. For example, 3-1=2, 2x8=16 feet. 

If you multiply those two numbers together your get 160 square feet which will determine which square footage range your deck falls in. 

If the deck is in really rough shape or you have questions please call 816-708-4530 and we'll send an estimator out to take a look. 

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