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Frequently asked questions

What services does Squid's Pressure Washing LLC NOT offer?

We don't offer NON VINYL WRAPPED aluminum siding cleaning or do we clean any wood that hasn't been washed and sealed within the past 2 (two) years. The risk of damaging those surfaces is very high due to neglect, becoming dry and brittle with age, or in the case of aluminum siding that is NOT vinyl coated, the painted coating tends to be heavily oxidized and nearly impossible to clean.

What does "soft wash" mean?

Soft washing is a process that uses a high pressure machine with modifications to clean algae, mildew, and other grime off of surfaces with a biodegradable detergent at low pressure instead of high pressure. It's much safer for vinyl and painted surfaces and follows most siding manufacturers recommendations for cleaning vinyl. A low pressure electric pump machine can be used in some cases.

How should I prepare for my pressure washing service?

This is a great question and one we always address when scheduling service. If it's a house wash or roof wash we require:

  • All windows closed and locked.
  • All exterior lights must be turned off.
  • Any potted plants or fabrics of any kind should be moved approximately 15 feet from the house.
  • Anyone that may be entering or leaving the house during the service should be made aware that the detergent can stain clothing and that hoses, machines, ladders and other trip hazards may be present.
If it's a concrete cleaning service we ask that no vehicles are present and that the area is clear. If it's gutter cleaning service we ask that anyone entering or leaving the house is aware that ladders may be outside a door and that the contents of the gutter will be falling from overhead.

I've heard that the detergent is simply bleach. Is that true?

The simple answer is yes, but the better answer is not exactly. It's part commercial strength sodium hypchlorite, part commercial surfactant for clinging to the surface so that the sodium hypochlorite can neutralize the algae and break up grime and minimize run off. It's also diluted to a specific ratio for specific surfaces and neutralized once the cleaning process has finished.

Can the detergent kill plants and grass?

The simple answer is yes, however, dilution and neutralization of the detergent is a part of the process. The detergent ultimately is biodegradable and after neutralization is no more harmful than pool water. Proper process is key to ensuring safe use of the detergent. In 3 years, we've never killed a plant or grass thanks to strict guidelines for use that protect your property and landscaping.

How are my light fixtures protected?

We cover every light fixture and exterior outlet with plastic bags and tape off any area we suspect water can get in.

You washed my house today. Why is there tape on my outlets and keyholes?

We use the tape to keep water out of anything we suspect might be damaged if water gets in. If a particular part of the house is still wet when we finish we leave the tape in place.