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5 Reasons to Hire a Pressure Washing Expert

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Grime buildup on your driveway and sidewalks? Gutters full of slime? Dirt covering your home’s windows and siding? While renting a pressure washer and watching a few DIY videos on YouTube sounds like a simple solution ––it could end up costing you more time, money and headache in the long run!

Renting consumer equipment is always a gamble. Years of use and deprecation can wear out the parts needed to give your project a true clean. Plus, many people don't know the proper parts or equipment to rent ––so you could end up wasting money on a machine you don’t need! Pressure washing jobs can also be incredibly hazardous if you’re not properly trained, with pressure steams strong enough to pierce the skin.

So, instead of potentially harming yourself with foreign equipment and dangerous tasks ––here are 5 reasons why you should hire a pressure washing expert:

1. It’s much safer

Pressure washing equipment can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you’re not experienced or trained on a particular piece of machinery. The pressure coming out of the hose is also risky. Streams are fast enough to pierce the skin or injure the eyes. So, instead of taking a trip to the E.R., contact a local expert to get the job done safely and effectively.

2. You save money

Many times, it’s hard to order the right machinery online or over the phone. And without an expert’s opinion, it can be hard to know what proper equipment the job entails. So instead of wasting money on equipment you don’t know how to use or renting the wrong item, consider using a professional.

3. It can conserve water

Did you know that power washers use up to 8 gallons of water per minute? And a lot of that water that will get wasted running down your driveway or into the storm drain! Pressure washing experts, however, are trained in various water conservation techniques so they can recycle or block storm drains so excess water doesn’t leak in or go where it shouldn’t!

4. You keep your home’s exterior safe

With pressure strong enough to pierce the skin, you should never use high pressure on your house. In fact, many vinyl siding and paint companies recommend against it. So, mishandling the machinery could lead to broken glass, torn shingles and stripped paint ––all of which requires more fixes that will cost you more money!

5. It gets the job done right

While it might seem like you’re “throwing away money” on something you could do yourself...think again! Power washer experts will get the job done in a timely and professional manner. They know exactly the type of hose your project needs and can get it done in half the time, without causing damage to your home or yourself. Some home improvement projects are best left to the professionals!

Stay safe and avoid wasting money on equipment you don’t need by hiring a pressure washing expert today. We service the Liberty, Gladstone, and Parkville areas and can be reached by calling us at (816) 708-4530 to get a free quote today!

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