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5 Reasons Why We Love Unique Painting KC!

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Unique Painting KC. Heck, I rave about Chad, Toska, his interior designer and color consultant on staff, and his crew on our Facebook page regularly. But here are a few things you may not know about why I think they're the best painting company in Kansas City.

1. Unique Painting always pays us on time (sometimes early!)

Why is that a big deal? Well.. in our 4 years we've been subcontracted by or subcontracted to SIX painting companies in Kansas City. Two of those, may or may not still be around. But 5 out of the 6, we've had to chase for payments regularly.

We wash all the homes in preparation for Unique Painting to go and work their magic and never (seriously.. not one single instance) have we had to chase them for a check in 2 years. That's a big deal. From my perspective, you can't just be a great painter to run a great business. It's necessary to have a *great team, process, and organized back office for the entire machine to run. Which brings me to reason number 2..

2. Chad is the best communicator in home services in Kansas City.

Communication is crucial in keeping subcontractors, customers, suppliers, and employees in the know. Frankly, I don't remember a time that I've called and Chad hasn't picked up the phone or returned the call within the hour. He emails and texts me updates regularly which is isn't as common in the home service industry as one might imagine.

3. Unique Painting has a TON of loyal fans and the awards to prove it.

If you're a review nerd like I am google Unique Painting KC. You'll find tons of 5 star Google reviews, Facebook recommendations, and multiple Best of the Northland awards. You don't earn those overnight and you certainly don't earn those by being average. You earn 5 star reviews and regional awards by being uncommon in all the best ways! Unique Painting is a company we can get behind and feel very good about referring to our own customers.

4. Chad's got a big heart.

He puts his reach, influence, and money where his mouth is.. but he'd never tell you himself about all the good he does in our community. Most recently, I had the pleasure of helping them in a very small role for Chad's philanthropic, new Be Unique Challenge. The Be Unique Challenge is a give away of sorts where members of our community can nominate a family who also gives back to the community. The winners receive an exterior paint job at NO COST. That's $0.

This year's winners were the Wells family. Michael, a Lenexa firefighter, and Katie, Northland teacher, with a young, growing family who have been bravely fighting and supporting Michael while he battles terminal cancer.

For more information click here:

5. Every member of the team would give you the shirt off their back.

I'd like to tell a story about when I got in a bit of a bind. I took on a Christmas light install, by myself, on a house where I was clearly in over my head. (You can laugh. I do.. now.) I called Chad to ask what he would do in that situation. 30 minutes later he was on site to assess the project and next day, HE BROUGHT HIS CREW BACK TO HELP ME! We finished it together as a team within just a couple hours. This is just one example of many, but a personal one that means a lot to me and still gives me goosebumps.

In summary, if you're looking for an incredible company to paint your home's exterior with a heck of a guy at the helm, then look no further than Unique Painting KC. Check them out here:

I'm writing this because I don't simply consider Chad, Unique Painting, and his crew business contacts, but my friends. I appreciate not only what you've given to me and my business, but what you're doing in the community around us. Congratulations on another well deserved and earned Best of the Northland Award!

Thanks big guy!

*Unique Painting has been in business for over a decade and some of the members of the crew have been with Chad for 8 years. In the home services industry that's virtually unheard of. I think the proper term is "bonkers".

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