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How Long Does It Take To Power Wash a House?

Almost every happy homeowner asks us this question when the Squids Squad arrives...

"How long will the process take to power wash our house?"

The answer is always the same.

"Shorter, more professional, and safer than you trying to do it yourself."

Our tongue is firmly in our cheek, of course, but it is the truth.

Unfortunately, we've come to many Kansas City houses where the well-intended home owner tried their best to remove algae, mold, dirt and debris from the exterior of their home, but the results were less than ideal.

Stripped paint, cracked vinyl siding, bleached out areas due to using chemicals that were too strong, or even just the reality that it just took them a very long time to cover all the surface area.

For the Squids Squad, our pressure washing service for homes have a few commonalities in terms of the clock and our professional process:

  1. Our Arrival: we always greet our client at the front door (although you don't have to be home when we clean), introduce ourselves, and explain what they can expect.

  2. Home Walk: we walk the exterior of the home to see if there are any damages to the siding, any furniture or plants that need to be moved, or any peaks or hard to reach areas.

  3. Electrical Safety: our team of trained professional power washing experts tapes off all exposed electrical outlets, doorbells, and other areas. This is critical to ensure water stays where it should, on the outside of the home only.

  4. Water Connection: we connect one of the traditional garden hoses (most of ours are neon green) from our vehicles and connect it directly to your exterior water source. We use your water to fill the tank in our vehicle, which then in turn is used for the pressure washing machine to run the exterior home soft wash service.

  5. Pull Hoses: we have enough pressure washing hoses to surround a small city. The Squids Squad will pull the pressure washing hoses (depending on our vehicle, this will either be a black or blue hose) around the entire exterior of your home, all while ensuring we don't damage your plants, downspouts, fences, or other areas.

  6. Fresh Water Rinse: before we begin the soft washing of your home's exterior, we fire up our machines and lightly rinse all plants, vegetation, concrete, furniture, and the entire side of the home. This ensures any of the soft washing materials that may touch these areas are diluted and therefore, unharmed.

  7. Low Pressure Soft Wash: after a thorough soaking and rinsing, we apply what we call "soap" to the same side of the home. This soft washing application is a combination of water, eco-friendly bleach, and a surfactant (soap), all proportioned to safe, professional levels. This is applied generously to the surface of the home, and then we allow the mixture to work its algae and mold-removing magic.

  8. Fresh Water Rinse: we repeat step six, but with even a more thorough rinse. This time, we go inch by inch from the top down on your home's siding and rinse every bit of our solution off. We then rinse all the grass, vegetation, furniture, and other areas as well. This is the beautiful step when your once dirty home now looks brand new again. Dull siding becoming bright again. Algae and mold being no longer. And your curb appeal now enhance.

  9. The Next Three Sides: we repeat Steps Six through Eight on the other three sides of your home, carefully making our way around your beautiful property.

  10. Happy Homeowner Walkthrough: once we wrap up, and before we roll our hoses back on their reels, we knock on your front door, and take you on a short walk around your home. This is usually filled with more "my goodnesses," "it's beautiful," and "I can't believe it looks like this", but occasionally it includes, "hey, what about this spot?" or some other question or concern. But we never leave without the confirmation of a job well done. Unless of course, you're gone, and in that case, we're always happy to come back within the first week and do any touch ups.

So, how long does it take to pressure wash a home?

Well, for us, it's a step-by-step, proven, trusted process.

One we've done for thousands of happy Kansas City homeowners, and one we'll do for thousands more.

But you don't care about those homes. You care about yours.

So for your home, from start to finish, it will likely take us, on average:

  • 60 minutes for homes under 2,000 square feet

  • 90 minutes for between 2,000 - 3,000 square feet

  • 120 minutes for homes over 3,000 square feet

It's the best part of our job to watch homes get restored back to their original beauty.

So if you're ready to have the Squids Squad of professional power washing experts do the same for yours, text us with pictures of your home, and we'll give you a quick, no-hassle quote, and get you on our schedule with a set time that works for you.

816.588.9047. Or email

Happy home washing.

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