Small Engine Repair & Welding*

*From November to February ONLY

In our regular course of business over 3 years it's been necessary to learn how to maintain and repair small engines, repair pressure washers, rebuild pumps, weld racks for reels, welding repairs on trailers and flatbeds, rewiring trailers, etc. You name it. Something needs repaired almost daily in our world. In November, our season slows down into Thanksgiving when we officially end residential pressure washing operations for the year and we don't wash again until late February. 

It seemed silly to let all those tools and skills sit for a few months when we actually really enjoy fixing stuff!

Call or message us if you need any of the following: 

  • Small to mid-size non-structural welding

  • Small engine repair

  • Pressure washer repair

  • Pressure washer pump repair

  • Trailer repair

  • Trailer rewiring

You can bring it to us or we'll pick it up! 

Let us know about your project here or call 816-708-4530

Whatever your problem or pressure washing need,

we are ready and able to tackle it.

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